Albert Meijer

Investigating Techno-Governance

Curriculum Vitae


Albert Meijer was trained as a chemist but, already as a student, he shifted his focus to the societal impacts of technology. He became fascinated by new technologies but even more by the way they transform our societies. He worked on these issues professionally as a policy advisor and consultant and then decided to study them academically. His current research program on public innovation revolves around the transformation of government in an information age and ranges from virtual organizations to electronic democracy. He has published extensively in top journals in the field of public administration and government information studies. He collaborates with researchers from various countries on issues of transparency, e-government and innovation.

Academically hardly relevant but probably nice to know are my hobbies: I play guitar, run and do theater impro. I enjoy watching football and TV series. I have two beautiful daughters and a lovely - and highly intelligent - wife.

I am currently a Professor of Public Innovation at the Utrecht School of Governance (Utrecht University). I am the chair of the permanent studygroup on e-government of the European Group for Public Administration and on the editorial board of Information Polity and the Electronic Journal of E-Government Studies. I have organized a large international conference on transparency in Utrecht in 2012.

Previous positions

1993 - 1995 Consultant Knowledge Management at 
SNV Development Organisation
1995 - 1997 Consultant and system developer at 
Q-Ray Agrimathica
1997 - 2002 Junior researcher at 
Department for Public Administration of Erasmus University
2002 - 2014 Assistant and associate professor at Utrecht University

Previous education

1992 MSc in Chemistry at Radboud University Nijmegen
2002 PhD in Public Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam