Albert Meijer

Investigating Techno-Governance

Current Projects

Smart City Governance
Literature and empirical research into smart city governance is conducted with Manuel Pedro Rodriquez Bolivar of the University of Granada.This research investigates cooperations between citizens, government, stakeholders and private business at a city level.


Innovation in the public sector
Processes of innovation in the public sector are investigated empirically. Specifically, this research focuses on innovation in the police sector. Current research project focuses on the contribution of individuals to processes of innovation.


Transparency in government
How does Internet transparency change government? The relation between transparency and various aspects of government isinvestigated through a series of research projects. These projects focus on the relation between transparency and accountability, transparency and enforcement and transparency and trust. This research has a specific focus on transparency in the European Union (cooperation with prof. Deirdre Curtin of the University of Amsterdam).


Police and social media
This research maps the use of social media by police departments and individual officers in the Netherlands and other countries. The research also aims to assess the value of this use in terms of effectiveness and legitimacy. Cooperations have been developed with prof. Rene Torenvlied (University of Twente), prof. Marcel Thaens (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Peter Siep (Centre for Public Innovation), dr. Stephan Grimmelikhuijsen (Utrecht University) and Danielle Fictorie (Utrecht University).


Scientific knowledge for public policy

How reliable in scientific knowledge? And when is this type of knowledge questioned by society? This research aims to investigate the relation between scientific knowledge and public policy through a specific analysis of the HPV vaccination. This project is carried out with dr. Huub Dijstelbloem (WRR and University of Amsterdam) and Paulus Lips (University of Amsterdam).


Open data
Why do government put open data on the Internet? And what does this bring society? This research investigates open data s a dynamic process of open learning. Research is carried out with the NSOB (dr. Martijn van der Steen and Josta de Hoog) for the Netherlands Ministry of the Interior.

Raising Open and User-friendly Transparency-Enabling Technologies for Public Administrations

I participate in the HORIZON 2020 Project 'Raising Open and User-friendly Transparency-Enabling Technologies for Public Administrations'. More information: project website.